“The participants are not allowed to send images that have already been awarded by other associations.”

Maintaining a standard that is different from all other competitions, Inspiration Awards has been growing in prestige as the only one to award unprecedented images. As no participant may send images that have already been awarded by other associations, Inspiration Photographers continually attracts photographers from all over the world as they understand that this rule makes the competition more challenging and fair. Because more experienced photographers that may already have a great collection of awarded images are not allowed to compete with these same ones at Inspiration Awards, they must therefore continually produce new pictures that are able to inspire and be deserving of this international prize.

The first directory for wedding photographers and videomakers in Brazil is today one of the largest and most respected ones in the world. With a little over three years of existence, it has conquered an expressive position internationally.

July 10th is the deadline for sending your images for the 15th Edition of Inspiration Awards, among the best wedding photographers and videomakers in the world.

Although it is one of the newest directories in the world, Inspiration Photographers has been the one with the most number of innovations thus inspiring thousands of people in the last few years.

Besides the innovative rule in which a photographer is not allowed to send awarded images, Inspiration Photographers is also the only one that unites photographers and filmmakers in one place, making it easier for brides and grooms to find the professionals they are looking for – all in one place.

The Best Wedding is a new feature that answers to the desires of many photographers, that is, to award the whole work of the photographer, who is allowed to send a group of 20 images of the same wedding ceremony.

The Inspiration Family Award is also an unprecedented award at an international level that attracts even more people to Inspiration Photographers, besides adding value to family photographers, which keeps growing each day.

The Golden Lens Award, known as ‘the Oscar of wedding photography and filmmaking’, is going to its fourth year and has revolutionized the market and the opinion of many concerning wedding photographers and videomakers. This year it will take place at Maria’s Convention on November 8th in Balneario Camboriu – Santa Catarina, Brazil.
The categories of professionals that will receive the award are: Photographer of the Year International, Photographer of the Year Brazil, Videomaker of the Year International, Videomaker of the Year Brazil, The Most Awarded of the Year – Photographers, The Most Awarded of the Year – Videomakers, The Most Awarded of the Year – Family, Revelation of the Year – Photography and Films, Wedding of the Year – Photography and Films, Best blog and Special Recognitions.

Inspiration Photographers has also released two events called LifeShare and CineWedding. They are both free of charge, created to share experiences and inspire others with personal stories and amazing films.

It is not an easy task to be approved to become a member of Inspiration Photographers. Some report having tried for many months. As they try to become a member, they also renew their websites, change their logos and designs besides their content in order to be approved. But more difficult than being approved is to have an image awarded at Inspiration Awards, for the judges’ criteria is very strict.

According to the director of Inspiration Photographers, photographer Frankie Costa, there are many more new things coming up.

Check out some of the approximate numbers of Inspiration Awards:

Inspiration Photographers has received over 20,000 membership requests but with only 3,000 approved. That makes only 15% of the total. It has received over 70,000 photos and 2,700 videos to compete. Only 2,800 photos and 280 videos have been awarded. Currently it has 45,000 followers on facebook and receives about 400,000 visits in a month. On one post, that revealed the winners of the last award (14th edition), the post had 141,967 clicks, 55,918 people were reached, there were 8,171 reactions and 831 comments. All this for only one post!

So if you would like to participate in the Inspiration Awards, you must first become a member of Inspiration Photographers. If you are not a member yet, you may fill out a membership request here:www.inspirationphotographers.com/join-us/

If you would like to hire one of professionals, please visit: www.inspirationphotographers.com

Check out some of the awarded images.


Vinny Labella – Espanha | edição 12

Sukhi Chandi – Inglaterra | edição 12

Silvio Pinto – Portugal | edição 8

Ken Pak – EUA | edição 13

Joanna Pantigoso – Peru | edição 9

Franck Boutonnet – França | edição 9

Damon Pijlman – Holanda | edição 13

Citlalli Rico – México | edição 13

Bruno Rosa – Irlanda | edição 10

Samo Rovan – Eslovênia | edição 9

Nei Bernardes – Rio Grande do Sul | edição 9

Susana Barberá – Espanha | edição 10

Sergi Escrivá – Espanha | edição 12

Kevin Mullins – Inglaterra | edição 8

Jose Ignacio Ruiz – Espanha | edição 11

Gulnara – EUA | edição 11

Daniel Ribeiro – Portugal | edição 14

Alberto De La Fuente – Espanha | edição 11

Hugo Luciano Mirabal – Argentina | edição 13

Robison Kunz – Rio Grande do Sul | edição 14

Gabriel Sánchez – Espanha | edição 9

Valentín Gámiz – Espanha | edição 7






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