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”Hey, I’m Sven Soetens, photographer and manager of Posi-Tief Wedding photography from farming village Kemzeke. A borough of the much “larger” Stekene  When I was 14 years old, all I wanted was to earn a lot of money and fast. We set the scene in the early 80s, Youngsters like me liked Lacoste, Millet, Samsonite and golfball-pendants. Coincidentally, behind my parents’ house, there was a golf course with practice field. Rockefeller had his first business plan: 20 francs for one ball, 25francs for A ball with a screw in it, 30 francs for the whole pendant, but ALWAYS double rate for the scarce fluorescent colors. Unfortunately, after a police visit my first ever business dropped straight into the golf pond. My creative plan was not consistent with my business plan. Do all creatives have These issues? Is Business and creativity incompatible? Well, I continue to think creatively and have as yet created my own wealth.”


How did you get into photography?

On my own wedding I was facinated by the photographers job. As an amateur I started shooting weddings and this gradually became a bigger part of my life. 14 years ago I quit my job and started shooting weddings full time.


What is the future of photography?

only an expert will survive.


How do you deal with criticism?

being critiqueted is Always hard, but after a while you get the point and you can learn from it.


Would you like to photograph with another photographer/videomaker (anywhere in the world) that you admire? If so, who would that be?

Citlalli Rico, Sergio Lopez, Susana Barbera.


Do you do any type of work other than photography or think of doing it?

day in the life.


Who inspire you in your daily living and who inspire you in your career? Why?

my wife because her critiques are hard, Sergio Lopez was my first mentor.


What kind of equipment do you currently use for work?

Nikon D750, Nikon D800, 35 1.8, 85 1.8, 4x SB910, computers.


What kind of resources do you prefer to use to learn new techniques and keep yourself updated in this career? For example: seminars, workshops, online courses, books?

Foundation Workshop, mentoring.


What do you try to transmit to others with your photos?

the real moment.


What hobbies do you have?

my work is my hobby.


if you could any place in the world to live, where would it be?

a beach house in Belgium.


Do you have a dream come true?

Speaking on a wedding photographers conference.


According to you, what are the things that contributed for you to get to where you are today?

keep believing in yourself, never give up. Richdom is not your bank debit but it’s in your heart.


If you could send a message to yourself 5 years ago, what would you say?

find a way to love tour wedding couple.


Leave a message to the world here about any subject.

the only richdom is in your heart.


Interview with the Belgian Interview with the Belgian Sven Soetens wedding photographers belgium

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