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“I am Bruno Sauma, founder and owner of Beauty & Life Captured! Wedding Photography Studio i West Hartford, CT – USA. I am a hardworking, focused and energetic individual that enjoys all sides of the shooting process: camera, lighting, editing, design and printing… Because of my long-term involvement working with image manipulation, printing and graphic design, I suddenly found myself in love with photography. After years of training (NYFA and lots of workshops) and gaining experience with several styles of photography, I was naturally directed to capturing people in emotion, beauty and life; as a result, wedding photography became my true passion.”

About the event
“Jasleen and Aman story began in early 2012 at Fashion Avenue in Time Square, New York. She was a newbie in College and Aman was doing research at City University of New York. Aman brought her a bouquet of pink roses and gave her a hug. she took the flowers from him and kept walking straight to avoid eye contact as she was too shy. They explored so much on Their first date. They visit the NY library, grand central station, wall street and walked around time square area. After having lunch they went to see the empire state building. While standing on top of the empire building and looking down, an old lady approached them. she was still holding the bouquet of roses from the morning. The old lady said, “Congrats did you just got engaged?” they both looked at her and giggled so loud and explained to her that it was their first date. The old lady awkwardly walked away but they both knew in moment that they were going to marry each other. their first date ended on a positive note even though she missed her bus and yelled at Aman for making her late… A long-distance relationship continued for years and they saw each other once or twice a month during those years. Together they explored so many places and restaurants in NYC and even today New York holds a special place in our hearts. The (traditional) wedding took place in Connecticut, USA in a five days celebration…”

Decor, Food, Dj : Marquee Events —
Photography: Bruno Sauma (Beauty & Life: Captured!)

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