Camila Lee, family photographer, members of the Inspiration Photographers directory, there are beautiful pictures awarded at awards.
“I have been working with photography for almost 11 years, I’ve always loved to photograph people, have done a bit of fashion, shows, plays, portraits, events and recently started focusing on family photography. I believe every little moment is special and with my photography I want to create great memories.”



About the photoshoot
“It was originally a cake smash and Janelle also wanted some breastfeeding shots as she is proud to be breastfeeding him and wanted to have nice memories 😀 Reuben was fascinated with the sound of the camera shutter and on a very good mood, I have recently started to introduce a more documentary style to my photoshoots and got excited registering everything that went on while I was there. Janelle loved the photos and so did I!”


more information about the work of Camila Lee:


Check out this beautiful photoshoot


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